What Can Be Fixed With Paintless Dent Repair?

One of the worst shocks that people get is when their cars get dented and they realise how much it costs to fix those little dents. Dents can be caused by anything ranging from a bump from a departmental store trolley to a full-fledged hailstorm.

The costs of repairing such dents can be a massive blow to your monthly budget but only if you choose the conventional methods of fixing these dents over the more modern and more economical paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair, however, can only be used in certain situations. Consider the following carefully if you are planning to use a paintless dent repair Phoenix service.

Large and Small Dents Where Paint Has Not Been Damaged

Paintless dent repair techniques are useful for dents as big as a football in the car’s body. As the majority of dents are smaller than this size, paintless dent repair can be useful for virtually all sizes of dents. However, there is a qualifying condition as well. These techniques cannot be used if the paint has been damaged in the dent which includes everything from chipping to stretching.

Used For Vehicles Manufactured After 1990

Because of technical requirements, paintless dent repair is not possible on vehicles that are older than 1990. Usually, you can find out whether your vehicle qualifies this criteria or not by simply checking what model it is.

Not Ideal for Dents atthe Edge ofthe Panel and With Previous Body Work

There are also some dent specific situations where paintless dent repair is not useful. For instance, most paintless dent repair techniques require the removal of the affected panel and gentle pushing out of the dent. However, this is not possible if the dent is at the edge of a panel. Similarly, if body work has been done on the area in the past then that makes paintless dent repair techniques redundant and not a great help.

If you are interested in hiring a reliable service for paintless dent repair then there is no better way of knowing whether the dents on your car qualify or not than to request an inspection and a quotation.